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If you are most of use and watch TV at night you know how hard it is not to have a snack on you lap or on the table in front of you.

I have these kind of cravings at night but not with every program I watch. I most of the time have then when I watch a movie or series that are suspense full.

I love having a good and even healthy snack and I have been looking for them for a while now. If you like to know what you can have a look at what I found out here.

Types of snacke

My choice of snack always depends on what my mood is. Sometimes I have a sweet tooth and opt for some cookies, candy, or other sweets

Sometimes I don’t feel like a sweet snack and go for peanuts, cheese blocks or anything else that satisfies my cravings at that time.


Have you ever noticed the amount of sweet snacks in the stores? In my grocery shopping I am always amazed to see all these shelves and shelves filled with sweet snacks. What amazes me most it that they also have them as close to the cash register as possible.

When I purchase these types of sweets I try to buy as little as possible to make sure that I don’t binge eat them. I know myself and that once I get started it is hard for me to put that bag of goodies away.

Salty and savory

This is my second choice and sometimes even my first choice of snacking. These snacks are most of the time pieces of sausage, I love summer sausage, or some small blocks of cheese, I love Gouda cheese. But it can also be a hand full of peanuts or an other type of nuts

plate full of cheese and other healthy snacks

Healthier snacks

I know that there are tons of healthier options for late night snacking and I am trying to get in the habit of eating a piece of fruit or a yogurt at night while watching my favorite shows.

I mentioned in my salt and savory section that I also like peanuts and other nuts. These should actually be included in my healthy snack section since they are not bad for you in moderated portions.

I am on a quest to find more healthy snacks and I found that having these are actually not bad at all. I am also reading on intermittent fasting and that can be very healthy.

The problem is that I will have to give up my late night snacks for that and that is not easy for me. I am not over weighted but still have to watch my weight.

By trying to control my late night snacking habits or in the future maybe eliminate them all the way I can maybe do that easier.

At least easier than giving up my meals or having to go on a diet.

If you have any tips or ideas about late nigh snacking let me know in the comments below.

Philip Young

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