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I realize that I have not done much writing here on the website. The reason is that I have no idea where to get started.

There are so many subject I would like to write about that it is hard to find the first one and get started with typing.

Overall I have many interests and am always diving into new things. Maybe it is a good idea for me to start thinking first before I do that.

Several times it did cost me a lot of time and every once in a while even money doing things without planning or idea on what I was getting into.

I have started several hobbies in the past that I had to by equipment for that I only used a few times and later had to sell it for dimes on the dollar.

My interests.

I can make a list as long as my arm but here are some of my main interests at the moment.


  • BBQ
  • Gardening
  • Water sports
  • Home improvement
  • Photography
  • Growing food


  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • writing
  • Exercise
  • Research
  • Home made beer and wine

As you can read I have a lot of thinks I like to do. In the summer months I obvious spend more time outdoors just as most people do.

In the colder season that is luckily not that long here I fill my days with many of the things I listed above.

Writing experience

One thing I have to get started on if I ever want this website to be a little success is learning how to write in an engaging way.

I love to talk and some writers gave me the tip just to start writing as if you are talking to a friend and I guess that is the way I will start. I even implemented it in this article you are reading now.


One other thing I have to get better at is doing research. It feels to me that when I am trying to write about as many subjects as I am planning on doing here that I have to have all the facts straight.

You can’t just jump into conclusions without knowing what you are talking about after all.

Tips and ideas

If you visit my website and read something that I could improve feel free to send me a message that explains me how to achieve that.

This would be highly appreciated since, as I mentioned before, in many cases have no idea where to get started.

Philip Young

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