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I don’t know about you but I am not crazy about using a charcoal grill in my yard. I always end up with dirty hands and stains on my pants.

I also don’t like to clean a charcoal grill since it is a lot of work and everything always get dirty around it.

One tip I found and I used several times is to put Aluminum foil at the bottom of the grill. That makes cleaning up a lot easier and I highly recommend this tip.

New Grilling Methods

However, I am just like anyone else and like to grill and smoke meat and other things. This made me start looking for alternatives to replace my charcoal grill that was getting older anyway and started to rust out.

Gas grills

First I was thinking about a propane gas grill. I started looking around and reading some reviews and decided against it for my particular situation. The reason for this is that I was also thinking about and getting more interested in smoking meat after eating some great pulled pork at a friends house the other day.

Electric grills

Electric grills are very easy to use and do not use a lot of maintenance. The flip side is that they do not get very hot and have some major temperature fluctuations and that was something I did not like about them.

My choice of finding the grill that gave me all the options I was looking at started to look not that good. But then I started to read about some other types of grills that are great for smoking without charcoal. right up my ally and now you can read what I decided on.

Pellet Grills

I will make it easy and tell the brand I went for first and how I decided on that particular brand. I choose the Pit Boss brand after reading and looking for Pit Boss pellet grill reviews. The second reason was that a friend had one.

At first I was looking at several other pellet grill brands but I finally gave in and decided on the Pit Boss because of the good ratings and the affordable price compared to some of the other brands.

We are a small family of 3 and did not needed a very large grill in the first place. The Pit Boss 440 that I choose has a 518 square foot grill surface and that is large enough for us and maybe some guest.

The so called flame broiler is not that big but still gave me the option to do hamburgers and hotdogs. The main reason I choose for the Pit Boss was that I , as I mentioned above, are getting interested in smoking meat instead of just grilling.

The reason I went for a pellet grill is that you don’t have to mess with charcoal or gas and all you need is pellets that are, in my opinion, very affordable compared to gas and charcoal.

My plan on using the Pit Boss

My pit boss pellet grill

I am in the process of reading and finding recipes for my new pellet grill. I have found a few that I would like to start with that are a little more forgiving when you make mistakes.

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is the first one I will try. I probably have to fill the hopper with pellets an extra time since it holds only 5 lbs but I am okay with that. I have to watch it anyway since it will be my first long cook session.

Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs are the second one since I read that smoked chicken thighs taste so much better than grilled. Chicken thighs are also very cheap and sometimes I can get them for 98 cents a pound in my local supermarket.

Final Thoughts

I hope I made the right decision by purchasing the Pit Boss pellet grill. But I am almost sure I did after doing all my research.

I am glad to get rid of that nasty charcoal grill and from now on maybe keep my hands a little cleaner while cooking outdoors.

Come back here and I will add some pictures of my cooking and maybe it will help you decide what to get when you are ready to buy a new grill.

Philip Young

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